20 Awesome Wildlife Photographers you should be following on Instagram in 2019

I wanted to share with you my best wildlife photographers on instagram.

Instagram is one, if not, the most useful platforms to build exposure and share your images to your followers.

Empowering photographers across the world to have their work viewed thousands, if not millions, of times over.

The community behind the social network cannot be underestimated either. Openly sharing a wealth of knowledge and inspiring like-minded people to take photography to the next level.

I use it my self and recently even started a new Instagram account.

It’s @wildlifescott. I hope you’ll follow me there. 🙂

Alan also has an account and you can follow him @alanmcfadyen.

Anyway lets get on to my…

Best wildlife photographers on instagram

Here are some really talented photographers, which I’ve been following and thought you’d love to follow, too.

In no particular order.

Kevin Morgans – @kevmorgans

Based in UK, Kev has managed to develop a style I am in total awe of. His wonderfully unique depiction of puffins is properly the best portfolio of the species out there. An award winning photographer whose work will capture your imagination.

Jamie Hall – @jamie_hall_photography

If your after something completely out of the box, Then Jamie’s camera trap photography will blow your mind. Nobody has mastered this style the way Jamie has. Just go check out his Leopard up a tree shots… you’ll come away speechless.

David Yarrow – @davidyarrow

Not many photographer can say they took one of the most famous photographs ever taken. David can, as he took the famous picture of Diego Maradona holding the World Cup. But his passion for photographer really lay in wildlife and his collection of fine art images are superbly presented.

Tin Man Lee – @tinmanlee

Tin Man is an award winning photographer whose post processing workflow will make you wonder. How do I do that? Well luckily for us Tin Man has just release a cool new workflow video showing us his Dynamic editing process.

Ellie Rothnie – @ellierothnie

In my opinion Ellie is the master of mush! Her work really is beautiful. Take a look at her Red Squirrel images taking in a variety of seasons.

Andrew Parkinson – @andyparkinsonphoto

Andy is a feature contributor to National Geographic magazine and is one of Europe’s most awarded photographers. With more than 50 individual awards featuring more than 100 awarded images his work is consistently featured in all of the world’s most prestigious wildlife photographic competitions.

David Lloyd – @davidlloyd

The master of black and white? I genuinely think so. There’s a reason why David has almost 120,000 followers.

Tejas Soni – @tejas_soni_photography

I’ve followed Tejas for years on social media. His warm glowing work from his native India really is stunning. The thing with Tejas is, you get more than wildlife as he’s an all rounder with a great portfolio.

Danny Green – @danny_green_photography

Danny is one of the original masters of wildlife photography in the UK. I can’t think of another photographer who works as hard and has made as many sacrifices than Mr Green. Just to achieve and deliver a stunning portfolio of images for us all to enjoy. An inspiration to 90% of the UK wildlife photographers.

John Betts – @johnsmbetts

Some may see this one as a ‘cop out’ as John is a close friend of mine. However thats not the case. I became friends with John after admiring his photography and hounding him on social media with comments and messages. I’m also yet to see better images from South Georgia and the Falklands than what John provided.

Brian Skerry – @brianskerry

Ready to go underseas? Brian is a NatGeo photographer who specialises in underwater photography. Clean crisp and WOW! images line his instagram account.

Lee Fisher – @leefisher_wildlife

Although Lee is based in the UK, You’ll see a huge variety of species from all over the world. I was first captivated by his mono photography, but overtime Lee’s portfolio became awe inspiring.

Shaaz Jung – @shaazjung

I’ve wrote about Shaaz before. I just love his final images. Based in India, his work with the black leopard of Kabini from his lodge, The Bison will blow your head.

Sharon Landis – @sharonlandisphotography

Sharon along with her husband David (who is also on IG) have a fantastic portfolio of raptors from near there home in the USA. The beach eagles and peregrine’s are truly magnificent.

Tom Way – @tom.way.photography

A fine art photographer, Tom has a stunning portfolio that has build up almost 15,000 followers. His work in Africa, Especially his Gorilla portfolio is really special.

Megan Lorenz – @mlorenzphotography

Windland Smith Rice Awards – Grand Winner, Megan has a stunning portfolio. I just had to add her to the list after she absolutely stunned me this year with her Canada Lynx images taken near her home in Northern Ontario.

Melissa Groo – @melissagroo

Awarded the Katie O’Brien Lifetime Achievement Award, for demonstrating exceptional leadership and commitment to conservation, Melissa is more than just a photographer with a great portfolio. She is an inspiration for all.

Ray Hennessy – @rayhennessy

If you’re looking for waders and water birds then nobody does it better. Ray’s portfolio on the lakes and seafronts of the USA is really epic. He also has a really cool blog and podcast worth a view.

Shannon Wild – @shannon_wild

An Aussie now living in Africa, Shannon is a wildlife film-maker and photographer with a fantastic array of images, stories and videos on her Instagram account. With a 173,000 followers you cant go wrong.

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