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We offer award-winning wildlife photography hides, to fellow nature enthusiasts.
Above all, our photography hides have been designed to cater for all abilities.

Featured By the BBC, ITV and Many More

Our Photography Hides Are Widely Featured

We are proud to have supplied photography hides for many award winning photographs, BBC’s Autumnwatch,  ITV’s Border News, Canon’s Advertising Campaigns and many more.
Award Winning

We are proud to have supplied the correct situation for many award winning photographs, including Scottish photographer of the year.

Canon Testing

In 2017, our Kingfisher hide was the face of Canon’s 1dx mkii campaign. The camera equipment manufacturer featured images from our hide as its main advertisement.

BBC Autumnwatch

The Autumnwatch team including Chris Packham, visited our Sparrowhawk hide to see ‘Mad Max’. Chris described him as “The best bird in the world”.

Meet Alan McFadyen

Alan’s dedication, knowledge and fieldcraft is what makes us the UK’s #1 Photography Hides experience.

Moment of Impact

Blair Stewart

The story of Alan McFadyen’s famous Kingfisher photograph, which took 6 years and 720,000 attempts to capture, and was in dedication to his late grandfather. Alan recounts where his inspiration came from, the difficulties in capturing the bird, mid-dive, and how he’s still recognised today for his efforts.

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About Scottish Photography Hides

Our wildlife photography hides, for hire to fellow nature enthusiasts have been widely featured including BBC’s Autumnwatch and throughout worldwide media outlets.

Situation, viewpoint and lighting have been carefully considered to offer our visitors the optimum nature photography experience.

Our photography hides are located in South West Scotland. All shelters are set amidst stunning scenery and have proven themselves to be very successful.

Our Kirkcudbright site hold the majority of our hides with the most popular of species such as; Sparrowhawk, Kingfisher and Cuckoo.

We are proud to have supplied the correct situation for many award winning photographs, including Scottish photographer of the year.

In 2017, our Kingfisher hide was the face of Canon’s 1dx mkii campaign. Canon Ambassador, Andy Rouse, visited the hide and his image was selected by the camera equipment manufacturer to feature as its main advertising and marketing outlets. This same hide has been the focus of many press articles and has been shown on ITV’s Border Life several times.

The BBC Autumnwatch team including Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games, visited the Sparrowhawk hide to get a glimpse of the famous ‘Mad Max’, our male visitor. Chris was blown away with this shelter and raved throughout the series about what he described as ‘not only as the best bird spices on the planet, but the best bird in the world as an individual’.

The photography hides we design are not just for photographers to enjoy.

A huge amount of conservation work is placed within the locations. Bird boxes, nest protection and habitat enhancements mean that not only do the attracted species benefit but 100’s of others are thriving from our photo shelters conservation work.

You can see some of our conservation work, as seen on ITV’s Border Life, by watching our kingfisher conservation feature here.

All of our specialist wildlife photography hides, offer you an opportunity to develop your camera skills and take stunning photos of some of the UK’s most beautiful species. Suitable for abilities, from beginners to professionals, our photography hides have been crafted with your image portfolio in mind.

Each day starts with meeting your hide manager at the destination meeting point. These times vary so please check the start time listed on the hide pages. You will then be taken to your hide and shown how the set up works, how to changed perches, ideal camera settings etc.

You will leave the hide when you have finished or at dark, which ever suits yourself. When you leave please take any rubbish and depart the shelters quickly and quietly.

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